Conversation: Ears, My Ears!!! vs Alpha Boy

This is first interview for Ears, My Ears!!! and I decided to talk with one of a most interesting new artists for me - Norman Knight aka Alpha Boy. He is from Berlin, his first EP will out in a two weeks...and I already posted some of his tracks, so I won't tell you nothing more). Read!)

EME: First question - introduce yourself and tell about your first music steps.
AB: I am a young artist from Germany who lives in Berlin city. I would describe myself as a type of artist that always searching for the strong, electronic feelings of music. As a little boy I made my first steps into music with a violin. Some years later came a playstation with music 2000 into my life and that changed everything. It was a fantastic time with many new things which opened me gates to the world of infinite sounds.

Daft Punk is dead by ALPHA BOY  

EME: Hmm..next question...what is your music style? Describe it, please.
AB: My music style is heavily influenced by big and small things around me in my daily routine. It can be a little single sound from a elevator or what someone has said to me. But the biggest influence are the 80´s. All these things of the 80´s, like movies, fashion and music, shape my unique sound which I would describe as the a mix of new wave, electronica and indie dance.

EME: You are from Berlin, and this city stereotypically for me is a totally techno city) So, you had to absorbe some of this style, hadn't you? And what about your musical influences at all? In childhood and now. Are they different?
AB: I have never saw Berlin as a place of techno music because as a child I have heard more classical music. Just say, whether techno music has affected me, I can not because all the styles of the past decades has influenced me. The difference from then to now is that I hear music now much more open and intense, what i did not as a child. Sometimes today i feel like I can breathe the music in.

Rock this by ALPHA BOY 

EME: Interesting)...now let's talk about your music stuff...about process...what do you use and how it is usually going?
AB: The first step of all processes is that I have a idea of a little melody. The following step is that I start to compose the midi notes in my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and now comes the hardest part. I need many days to found the perfect sounds to get a good harmony of all instruments. The second last part is to make a good mixdown. This part is a detail job. And the last one is the mastering. All these process might take 4-14 days. Its a hard work, but i live for it.

EME: About your name: why Alpha Boy? What does it mean?
AB: In greek meaning of Alpha is "beginning". My live beginns each day anew. "Boy" because I am a young man and I feel like always as a 14 years old boy.

Behind your mask by ALPHA BOY 

EME: With what musician (dead or alive) do you want to work?
AB: Thats a good question. I think I would take Harald Faltermeier. (<====) He was the composer of the soundtrack from Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun....! His music made me what I am today.

EME: Hm...interesting choice...you said "Beverly Hills Cop", you said about influence of 80s on you and because of your music at all I just must to ask you - what is your favorite thing (whatever you want) from 80s? But just thing. Ok, no - two things - material and non-material)
AB: My first choice is a audio cassette and the second one is the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Stardust by ALPHA BOY

EME: And the last question which is not actually a question) - your little chart of now - 3 tracks.
AB: 1. Cassius - Cassius 1999 [Remix]
2. FM Attack - Memorex
3. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

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