Aeroplane - April 2011 Mix

New monthly mix from Aeroplane...as always, with nice tracklist, included new Rex The Dog's remix of old Aeroplane's "My Enemy". And first track...it tastes good too) Press Play.


1.Alex Winston - Sister Wife ( Moonlight Matters Remix )
2.Crimea X - Liubov ( Daniele Baldelli Remix )
3.Peter Visti - Be A Vise Man
4.Adele - Set Fire To The Rain ( Plastic Plates Remix )
5.Montauk - The Gum Thief
6.Pony Pony Run Run - Hey You ( Copacabana Remix )
7.B.C. x Delivery - Return To Me ( Munk Remix )
8.South West Seven - Absolute
9.Azari & III - Hungry For The Power ( Art Department Remix )
10.Shit Robot - Losing My Patience ( Unabombers Android Re-Fix )
11. Aeroplane - My Enemy ( Rex The Dog Remix )
12. Pro Logic - Stardust


A Track A Day - The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour (Justice Remix)

Saw it just few minutes ago, so my hands are still shaking. Don't know, is it official, or not...so it means, that know we can post it...we'll keep you in touch about it officiality. press play now!)



A Track A Day - SebastiAn - Embody (MMMatthias Remix)

One more remix of new Sebastian's single...one more great remix...from Wiesbaden to your ears) press Play and have a little bit of acid and bleeps on it.)


Light Year - USA Vacation Mix

New and unbelievebly great mix from Light Year, that was made because of new USA tour of this project...from middle of this mix, I bet, you'll jump, because every track is a banger, and every track is on right place...love Light Year...press Play!) 


Gesaffelstein - The Lack of Hope
Benoit & Sergio - Boy Trouble (Visionquest Remix)
Hercules & Love Affair - I Can't Wait
Midnight Savari - Rimshots (Cosmonaut Remix)
Shadow Dancer - Parallax
Diamond Lights - Happiness (Light Year & Strip Steve 'Deep Fried' Remix)
Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You
Marble Players - Playground
Bobmo - Northside
Carte Blanche - Jack On The Moon
In Flagranti - Worse For Wear (Punks Jump Up Remix)
Appleblim, Ramadanman - Void 23 (Carl Craig Re- Edit)
Arveene & Misk - Love Money Music Body (In Flagranti Remix)
Feadz - Dial A Tool (Light Year Remix)
The Buffalo Bunch - T.I.T.T.S
Dave Angel - Timeless
Mr Oizo - Let The Children Techno (LY Edit)
Bobmo - Hardbells (Strip Steve & Das Glow Remix)
ZZT - Zzafrica (Light Year & Finger Prince Remix)
ZZT - Zzafrica (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Goose - Synrise
Sebastian - Embody

Thony Ritz - It's Just About Music Volume 7

New gorgeous mix from Thony Ritz...starts with Ennio Morricone, ends with High Powered Boys and new edition of Tyrone Brunson's "The Smurf", made by LBCK. Press Play!)

01 Ennio Morricone - Ecstasy Of Gold
02 Aloud - Undersea
03 Mattie Safer - Is That Your Girl (Acapella) 
04 MAM - Holding Tight
05 Trouble Men - Do It
06 Ghosts Of Venice - Her (Bit Funk Remix)
07 Breakbot Feat. Ruckazoid - Fantasy
08 Uniforms - 1020 Trickery Lane (Eumig and Chinon Remix)
09 Zongamin - Tunnel music
10 Jupiter - Sake
11 Les Clones - Shut Up And Dance
12 The Buffalo Bunch - Take It To The Street
13 Armand Van Helden & DJ Sneak - Psychic Bounty Killaz
14 KillaQueenz - Break The Rules (DCUP Remix)
15 Lorenz Rhode - Back
16 Matt Hughes - Stir It Up
17 The Frenchising - The People
18 St Germain - Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Dub Mix)
19 Puzique - Nice & Tight
20 Touch Sensitive - Body Stop
21 Daft Punk - High Life
22 Thony Ritz - About You (Instru) / Daft Punk - Around The World
23 Alec Carlsson - Highauthority
24 Bob Sinclar - My Only Love
25 Chili Hifly - Is It Love ? (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
26 Modeselektor - Silikon (Siriusmo Remix)
27 Wildchild - Jump To My Beat (Todd Edwards Jump Remix)
28 LBCK - Disco Thrills
29 High Powered Boys - Highway
30 The Phantom's Revenge - Machine Gun Girl
31 DJ Mehdi - Lucky Girl (Acapella)
32 MAM - Friends Of Light
33 Poom - Big Bang
34 Imagination - Changes
35 Thony Ritz - What I Am (N'Joy Remix)


Rex The Dog - Mixtape #1 Here We Go Scando

First ever mixtape from Rex The Dog, hard to believe, but really first...all tracks are from Scandinavia...but, wait..we have direct speech(direct barking))from Rex The Dog:  
This is our first mixtape and it is designed for a certain mood and (maybe) for headphones. Most of this music is from Sweden, or has been remixed by someone from Sweden. The last track is remixed by Royksopp so it is a little bit Norwegian too. It’s a Scandinavian mixtape... Anyway, the songs are all 100% awesome but we messed around with them to make them 101% awesome. See if you can tell... 
Anyway..press Play button)



Mickey - April Mixtape

New month - new monthly mixtape from Mickey. As always, with super tracklist and mixing...press Play)


2.I Like What You're Doing (Isaac Tichauer Remix) -Cassian
3.Twist-Peter & the Magician
4.Rue De Rome - Cecile Remix -Munk
5.K & Big V - Original Mix-Stopmakingme
6.Reginald's groove(Classixx rmx)-Cosmic kids
7.West Gothic Climax - Dana Bergquist Remix-Drop Out Orchestra
8.Cold As Ice - Louie Fresco Remix -Modern Amusement
9.Iron (Remix By Gucci Vump)-Woodkid
10.Chiketere - Etienne De Crecy Remix -The Disco Villains
11.I wont let go_Mustang remix -Monarchy
12.This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)-Talking Heads

Gomma Podcast #45 - Erodiscotique

Two podcasts for Gomma from new DFP's project - Erodiscoteque...One of DFP, and second - from his partner - DJ Rocca. Perfect for summer heat...get ready for it)

Part 1, Dimitri From Paris 1994 


Part 2, DJ Rocca 


A Track A Day - Yuksek - On A Train (The Magician Remix)

New banger from Stephen! Russian friends told me, that last Saturday is sounds very powerful at St. Peterburg. You should trust) Press Play!)

Release date 2/05/11 


A Track A Day - Bitsound & Xinobi - Zebras

Very interesting new track from Xinobi, who made it with, as he said "a young promising kid from Lisbon" - Bitsound. Sounds very unusual, as for Xinobi...but great. Press Play, and you gonna love it.



The Electro Wars (full documentary)

The most expected documentary about electronic music. Stephen Alex Vasquez and his film about Internet changing effects on electronic music, hope, you have popcorn and cola. Press Play)

Teki Latex - Missing Links Mixtape

New mixtape from Teki Latex...already tested in my MP3, so I won't tell you anything....but Teki will...Direct Speech - This mixtape is a round up of my recent collaborations and remixes organized around a little exercise: each track of mine is mixed in and out of tracks that have somehow influenced said Teki track. My taste in electronic music covers quite a wide spectrum and the tracks i co-produce and/or chose to put some vocals over are sometimes going in different, some might think opposite directions. With this mix i was trying to explain the weird logic behind it all, to show why it all makes perfect sense to me by highlighting the missing links between my works. I also wanted to demonstrate how my tracks and the directions i choose to take in my music are (humbly) made to be interpreted as "missing links" between these classic tracks I love. As usual with most of my solo mixes this was mixed completely live with my CDJs in the mighty computer room, so please excuse the occasional "ruggedness" of it: this is how i like it, and i hope you will enjoy it too. Make sure you grab a copy of our 5th Dimension EP when it drops May 2nd on Marble! 

Akufen - Deck the house
Noob - Powder (Para One & Teki Latex remix)
Soul Clap - Lonely C (feat. Charles Levine)
LOL Boys & Teki Latex - Modern
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Stock Exchange
Para One & Teki Latex - Deep Sea Creatures
Arpanet - Illuminated Displays
Para One & Teki Latex - 5th dimension
Robert Hood - Clash
Myrryrs - Feel U (Teki Latex & Bambounou remix)
Ramadanman - Work Dem
Canblaster - Clockworks (Para One & Teki Latex remix)
Jam city - Magic Drops
Funkin matt Feat. Teki Latex - Get Loose (Canblaster remix)


Local Zero's Early Summer Slo Mo Mix - 24.04.11

Catch new mix from Local Zero...every track is on SoundCloud...and few words about mix....perfect for hardworking day...for its ending. Press Play, make yourself a drink and relax)


1.Daniel Drumz – Lay Low On The Treble [U Know Me]
2.The Roots – What They Do (Slo It Down Edit)
3.DC La Rue – Do You Want The Real Thing (Richard Sen & Cazbee Edit) [DC Reworks]
4.Toomy Disco – Smowing [Sold Out]
5.LTJ Xperince – Get Cha [Super Value 15]
6.Azymuth – Crazy Clock (LTJ Xperince Remix) [Far Out]
7.Franc Spangler - Open Eyes [Delusion of Grandeur]
8.M.K. – Honey Sugar [Diner City Sounds]
9.Barbara Lynn – You Make Me So Hot (Sean P Edit) [Cosmic Boogie]
10.LTJ Xperince – Funky Luv [Super Value 15]
11.Daniel Drumz – If You Want Me, Say It [U Know Me]
12.Dead Rose Music Company – Bad Desire [Kolour Ltd]
13.Eddie C – Your Love [Endless Flight]


A Week A Video - Shit Robot - Losing My Patience

Shit Robot just appeared on Ears My Ears with single, now video. Abstract video, but looking very great with music(main thing of every video).
Director - Fergal Brennan


New Guy In Town - LeSale

Found this guy few days ago, and still in a little shock. He makes, I think, best balearic remixes in the world! And he definitely knows what tracks he should use...Chris Rea, The Temptations...very good platform for remixing. So, welcome, guy from Austria who was born in France - LeSale!

Advance - Take Me To The Top (LeSale Edit)

Bill Medley & Jeniffer Warnes - (I've Had) The Time Of My Life (LeSale's Second Base Edit)


Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run Through The Jungle (LeSale's Satanic Edit)


Chris Rea - Road To Hell (LeSale Edit)

Megadon Betamax - Don't Ask (LeSale Remix)


The Revenge - Reekin'structions EP

Nice stuff from The Revenge...10 remixes, or as it is called - Reekin'structions. Every one is a different, but all they are great! Firm sound from Graeme Clark. Press Play!


Edwin van Cleef - April Mix 2011

Fresh mix from Edwin Van Cleef, who just made cover version of Phoenix's Lisztomania (look for it in the end of the mix) Press Play and enjoy hour of super, almost summer tunes!


Blue Satellite - When The Sun Rises (Blue Satellite Remix)
Architecture In Helsinki - Contact High (Clock Opera Remix)
Peter Bjorn & John - Second Chance (RAC Remix)
French Horn Rebellion - Up All Night (Clubfeet Remix)
Breakbot - Fantasy
Codebreaker - First True Love Affair
Moby - The Day (Lifelike Remix)
John Legend - Rolling In The Deep (Edwin van Cleef Remix)
Birkii - Shade Of Doubt
Niki & The Dove - Gentle Roar (Mylo Remix)
Starfucker - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Holy Ghost - Hold My Breath
Blende - One Sided (Louis La Roche Remix)
DATA - Califronia Special (Eumig & Chinon Remix)
Rimer London - Mr Froggy Diamonds
Edwin van Cleef - Lisztomania

A Track A Day - Sandra - Maria Magdalena (Satin Jackets & Chris Jylkke Krautrock Edition)

When sounds from 80s fall into great hands...that's always makes a bomb. These good hands are from Chris Jyllke...he's again on Ears My Ears...he's always welcome. Press Play.



Dimitri From Paris - Live @ Djoon Club Paris 8-04-11

Dimitri from Paris just was on Ears My Ears with his sideproject..now - his live performance from Djoon Club in Paris. Superhour of disco, soul and house vibes! Check it out!


The Magician - Magic Tape Ten

Milestone from The Magician! 10th Magic Tape...As usual, without tracklist..but something is already known...his new track "Twist" and remix for Yuksek are in. So...Press Play for the tenth time)

Shit Robot - Losing My Patience EP

And new release from Shit Robot...with Alexis Taylor's voice, so, of course, there is a remix from Hot Chip inside..and two versions from Unabombers...I like Dub more than remix...but recommend you to listen two versions). You can listen all release here.

Turbo 099 | Gesaffelstein - Conspiracy Pt.1

New EP from one my favorite labels and one of my favorite Frenchmen. You all should know "Hatred" from Tiga's mix. Now - two more trax - "Aufstand"(sounds like "Variations") and "The Lack Of Hope" - minimalistic sound...perfect for the end of the party.

Direct speech from Turbo: Gesaffelstein's 'Variations' EP set an all-time record for feedback at Turbo. For a new artist to attract that kind of attention from such a broad cross-section of DJs is extremely special and a clear sign that he's tapped in to something very, very big. To the younger generation of clubbers and DJs for whom the funtastic era of 2001-2003 revivalism was a missed experience, Gesaffelstein represents a double-breasted jacket of nostalgia for everything from the power of Industrial and 80s New Wave to the Gigolo-glam of early Kittin & the Hacker, Steril, Vitalic, Fixmer, and yes, Tiga. We have no hesitation in declaring that he has single-handedly updated an entire genre, sharpened the edges, and notably traded in the camp and pastiche that made Electroclash a dirty word for a refined and stylish simplicity. The breakdowns are massive and very French, but never out of order. These are futuristic party bombs which skillfully draw from our favourite dance music of the last 30 years... and add more cowbell!


Scissor Sisters VS Boys Noize Mixtape

Mix from one star to another....sounds epic...I think, with Alex Metic's Essential - this is main mix of last month...Alex Ridha made this present to all SS's team. And you just must listen to it!

1. Scissor Sisters "Invisible Light" (Boys Noize Remix)
2. Shadow Dancer "Parallax"
3. Scissor Sisters "Any Which Way" (Tensnake Remix)
4. Strip Steve "The Beast"
5. Scissor Sisters "I dont feel like Dancing" (Erol Alkan's Carnival of Light Rework)
6. Scissor Sisters "She's my Man" (Mock & Toof Remix)
7. Erol Alkan & Boys Noize "Waves"
8. Boys Noize "Yeah"
9. Strip Steve "Dacing'"
10. Para One "Nevrosis"
11. Gesaffelstein "Variations"
12. Scissor Sisters "Kiss You Off" (Mr. Oizo Remix)
13. Boys Noize & Housemeister "Saturday"
14. Djedjotronic, Harvard Bass, Brodinski & Noob "Extreme Compote"
15. Scissor Sisters "Any Which Way" (Carte Blanche Remix / Wolf Edit)


Alex Metric - BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix (16/04/11)

Fresh Essential from Alex Metric. Starting with Les Rhythmes Digitales, finishing with ZZT, Toto and new Yuksek's remix of Katy Perry! Tasty!

Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Phoenix - School’s Rule
Q - The Voice Of Q
Les Rythmes Digitales - About Funk
Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio - Its Time To Party Now
Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix)
Chaka Khan - We Can Work It Out
Colonel Abrams - Trapped
K.I.D. - Don't Stop
We In Music - From Happiness To Loneliness (Les Rhythmes Digitales Remix)
The System - You Are In My System
Daft Punk - Short Circuit
Kylie Minogue - Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix)
David Bowie - Lets Dance
Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag
The Prodigy - Diesel Power
Happy Mondays - Step On
Phoenix - Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix)
Peter And The Magician - Twist
Cassian - Get High
The Human League - Never Let Me Go (Aeroplane Remix)
Gorillaz - Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
Alex Metric & Steve Angello - Open Your Eyes (Style Of Eye Dub)
Russ Chimes - Tonic
His Majesty Andre - Clubs
Alex Metric & Theopholus London - All Night (Acapella)
Alan Braxe - Vertigo (Thomas Bangalter)
Hot Streak - Body Work
ZZT - Zzafrika (Light Year Remix)
The Helmholtz Resonators - Gypsy (Kurtis Hardrive Remix)
Splittr - All Alone (Alex Metric Remix Dub)
BeatauCue - Behold
Ellie Goulding - Salt Skin (Alex Metric Remix Dub)
Alex Metric - Raveageddon
King Cosmic - Acid In My Soul
Chromeo - Hot Mess (DJEdtronic Remix 2)
Hurts - Better Than Love (Burns Remix)
Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Alex Metric Remix)
Infadels - Explain Nothing (Part 1)
Apparat - Ash
Underworld - Pearls Girl
Twr72 - Autumn
Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin - Triton
Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)
UNKLE - In A State (Acapella)
Grincheux - Voix
Cock N Bull Kid - Asthma Attack (Stopmakingme Remix)
LCD Soundsystem - You Wanted A Hit
Katy Perry - Peacock (Yuksek Remix Dub)
New Order - Blue Monday
Alex Metric & Steve Angello - Open Your Eyes
Infadels - Black Sky
Toto - Hold The Line
The Beatles - The End


Filtered For Your Pleasure EP

SUPER EP from Punchout Recordings! Just look at the names - J Paul Getto, Go Go Bizkitt!, Pat Lok - yes, yes - it's 100% classy filter house, all based on 70s/80s samples. My favorite tune - of course, Go Go Bizkitt!'s...but every is a banger! Check it out.

Release dates:
Beatport - 18/04.
Everyone else - 2/05.


Fare Soldi - Casotto EP

EP from my favorite Italians. Just couldn't miss it. Release on 19/04! Get Ready! Cassa Forte will definitely main track of many sets...it was just constructed for it. Party Posse...hmm...will stand after it) Volluto...you can make a break for your legs...and then be ready for All You Need Is LOL. Sabbiadoro...final track...but with great piano line.
But, anyway, press Play, why are you read it?)

A Track A Day - Oh My - Run This Town (RESET! Remix)

RESET! called it turbofunk...hmm...I'll just call it BANGER. Weird sound...like fidget, mixed with acid) Press Play and call it however you want)

Star Slinger - Fabric Mix

It's been a long time, when I wanted to make post with Star Slinger. Now we have the Reason - his Fabric Mix. Gorgeous mix...maybe, too many hip-hop at the beginning...but it's a taste business) Check it out, press Play!

2. R KELLY " R & B THUG"


A Track A Day - Jaymo & Andy George - 93

Jaymo & Andy George and their debut on Ears My Ears. Garage...their religion, my new favorite. Press Play!

You can download it for free here!


Zombie Nation - Day Of Many EP

Remember Zombie Nation's day in studio? With USTREAM streaming and "Need Russian vocal sample"? So, here is the release. Original track and remixes. Day by day - more remixes will be added as it is written on Zombie Nation's SoundCloud page)

Djedjotronic - Bugle/Tetris (preview)

New BNR TRAX! Now - Djedjotronic with two more. First - Bugle, rhythmic techno track...second - Tetris, but don't expect to listen some 8bit tunes on it. Sounds like Shizzo, if you remember, what is it) Press Play. Release soon.

A Track A Day - Moby - The Day (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Another track is from France. Moby(my past) + Gesaffelstein(my present). Just couldn't not share it with you. Echo beats from Gesaffelstein - is a main sound of this year for me.

A Track A Day - Mixhell - Antigalactic (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)

Great remix of the new Mixhell's single from another super project, which is not often appers on BNR. Jokers Of The Scene made techno/cosmic edit of Antigalactic. Press Play - know more)

Bobmo - Hardbells Mix

Super mix from Bobmo, made to support his new release. Should I say more?) Press Play!)

Paul Johnson - Simply Delicious
Marcel Fengler - Razkaz
Melé - Trappin
Instra:mental - Thomp
TWR72 - Future Tool (dub)
Bobmo - Northside
Todd Terry - Future
Marble Players - Playground
Bobmo - Hardbells - Strip Steve & Das Glow remix
Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey - DF's Attention Dub
A1 Bassline - Shock Headed
Mister Tweeks - Numéro Sept - High Powered Boys remix
Para One & Teki Latex - Deep Sea Creatures


Digikid84 - NolimitMix n°2 for Boombap wear

And again we are back to the 80s...to the 1984, because of this mix, made by Digikid84 for "Boombapwear" brand. Tested in my MP3, highly recommended) Press Play again)

Oriol - Lw
The deele - Material Thangs
Kris menace - Micropacer
Digikid84 - Supernature love (Elektro boy Ghetto love story rmx)
Network - Ineed you
Human league - Ineed your loving
6th borough project - so glad
Odyssey - going back to my roots
Buddha Priest - Mon amour
Frederico scavo - Get funky
Hercule love affair - My house tensnake rmx
Crazibiza - my lips
Gary street band - tonight Andres Montae rmx
Jay lumen - Playground
Salsoul nugget - The girl next door
Poolside - Do you believe
Rimer london - Squaring the triangle
ToTo - Waiting for your love

Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca present Erodiscotique - I Love New York E.P. (preview)

Great release from new Dimitri From Paris' project. All made, with a honour for 80s and ghetto hip-hop/electro sounds. Just press Play)


A Track A Day - Andy Fink - Brinstar

And some ukrainian music...Andy Fink made this...and I am a little proud because of it...that's one of these rare moments...Big up, Andy!

A Track A Day - Mily - Two Nights

Very very nice french touch from Mily. That's a pity, that track, like this are very rare now...( So what, press Play)

Jacques Greene @ Rinse, March 24th

Rinse.fm, I think, will be my favorite radio in two-three weeks....it's not a commercial - they are really hot. And Jacques Greene is double hot) Here is his live, made on 24th of March is one of a most beautiful live sets, that I heard. Ever. Press Play!

No tracklist..so you just must trust)


A Track A Day - AC Slater & Riton - The Only 909 In The World

Love, when two great artists make something together. At the end we can see mix of their thoughts. These 2 decided to remix Rihanna's Only Girl In The World. What we have at the end? Huge? Not - Huuuuuuuge Tune(Annie Mac's Jingle) Enjoy!


Drop Out Orchestra - April Mix Session 2011

New monthly mix from Drop Out Orchestra! From 91(Craig David) to 176 (The Beach boys) bpm in 61 minute). Including my favorite track of March - Tronik Youth - A-freaker. Enjoy!

01. Craig David - Walking Away (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) Special edit
02. Spaghetti Head - Funky Axe (Drop Out Orchestra Edit)
03. Martin Brodin - Cash Money
04. Tronik Youth - A-freeker
05. Poolside - Do You Believe
06. Gazeebo - Red Eye To Saturn (Bonus Dub)
07. Brenda Taylor - You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too (Greg Wilson Edit)
08. Lou Teti - Shake
09. Drop Out Orchestra - Release Myself (Casual Encounters Remix)
10. Oliver - All Night
11. Drop Out City Rockers - Man On The Run
12. Wolfram ft Hercules & Love Affair - Fireworks
13. Metronomy - The Look (Moonlight Matters Remix)
14. Adolphson and Falk - Stockholm Serenade (Avhopparnas Omklippning)
15. The Heels of Love ft Max Essa - Chain Gang
16. Breaking Up With Dub (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
17. Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark (Dub)
18. Devo - Whip It
19. Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) Edit
20. Stevie Wonder - Part Time Lover (Drop Out Orchestra Edit)
21. The Beach Boys - You're Welcome


My Name Is Tiga - 6 Mix

Had a very busy Sunday, so missed it( But you won't. Tiga! On BBC! What can be more interesting? You can hear it here, and tracklist is below (3 versions of Zzafrika, OMG!). Enjoy!

Shadow Dancer — Parralax
ZZT — Zzafrika (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Midland — Bring Joy
Crowdpleaser — Nenekri (Midnight Mike remix)
Renaissance Man — Stalker Humanoid
Hercules and Love Affair — I Cant Wait
Daniel Maloso — Caracol
Borderline — Stay
Marco Carola — Play It Loud
James What — About Love
Benoit & Sergio — Walk And Talk
ZZT — Zzafrika (Light Year & The Finger Prince Remix)
ZZT — Zzafrika (Gesaffelstein Remix)
Detroit Grand Pubahs — Autotragik (Terence Fixmer Remix)
Gesaffelstein — Hatred
Marcus Intalex — TB or Not TB
Rainbow Arabia — Boys & Diamonds
Cabaret Voltaire — Crackdown
Aphex Twin — Polynomial
Connan Mockasin — Forever Dolphin Love (Erol Alkan Remix)
Pop Will Eat Itself — The Fuses Have Been Lit
Matthew Dear — Slowdance
Shriekback — Lined Up (Disco Mix)
Babe, Terror — Epicentro (Duke Dumont Remix)
Tiga — Turn The NIght On (Boys Noize Version)

A Track A Day - Fancy - Do The Dance

Should I say somethng about this track? Indie rock remake of classic Justice's D.A.N.C.E. Juicy! Press Play!

Alpha Boy - Douce Folie EP (preview)

Alpha Boy is again on Ears My Ears. Now there is a huge reason, because he made the EP few days ago, called Douce Folie, full of synth vibes. Highly recommended to download on iTunes!
Here is little dircet speech from Norman Knight exclusively for Ears My Ears readers:
The whole EP was composed and mastered in 3 months. It was a great time becuase I was very relaxed and at the same time very deep concentrated. At this time I had a very good workflow. I was from so many thing inspired like 80's movies, music from Phil Collins and Modern Talking (I love the sound of Modern Talking). I took the name "Douce Folie - EP" because at the moment of my first release (The Return Of 1986) feels everything like sweet madness. Its a good feeling and this is good for my music.

Here is teaser of whole release.


A Track A Day - Donna Summer - Our Love (Peter Zohdy & Michael JT's Chicago Rework)

Classic tune from 80s with remix and still sounds like it was made in 80s. From funk to acid. Peter Zohdy again on Ears My Ears.


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