Alexis Taylor DJ Set @ Air Amsterdam 22/07/2011

His mixes are always great. And you can't imagine, what will come next. It's Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip and his Dutch mix for Air Amsterdam. No tracklist, but first track is called "It's You"...that's for sure). Press Play!

ESP - It's You
Rick Poppa Howard - I Won't Lat Back
The Stule Council - Can You Still Love Me?
Syclops - Where's Jason's K?
Vanity 6 - Make Up
Juan Mclean - One Day
Shit Robot feat. Alexis Taylor - Losing My Patience (Unabombers remix)
Ray Mang feat. Lady Miss Kier - Bulletproof
Riva Starr. feat. Noze - I Was Drunk
Paperclip People - Throw (Unreleased version)
Hot City - Hot City Bass
Hot City - Another Girl
Hot Chip - We Have Love (Hot City remix)
Sonomore - I Refuse
Devo - Timing X
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Hot Chip V.I.P. Mix 

Foxcast x BNR present Rynecologist Laugh-Out-Lube Mix

French website Foxcast and Boys Noize Records with a new mix. Now - it's Rynecologist and his nearly hour of techno swag) Press Play!
1. ∆∆∆ – ∆∆∆
2. Tiga – Move My Body (Only 4 Erol Mix)
3. The Dove – Girl at a Party with Siren [Dub Version]
4. Etnik – Celsius
5. Clouds – Sucker (Rynecologist Remix)
6. Australia – Chopper
7. Scntst – Monday
8. NT89 – Lyfe
9. Carte Blanche feat. Alexis Taylor – With You
10. Bobmo – Deadpoint
11. Crowdpleaser – Jewel Self Dribbling Basketball (Rynecologist Gnome Remix)
12. ZZT – Vulkan Alarm (Proxy Remix)
13. Donovans – Rise and Fall
14. Noize Invaders – Time (Matt Walsh & Paul Gala)
15. Clouds – Vault
16. Bird Peterson – Space Invaders (Poupon Remix)
17. STSB and Saalmen – Aeskapade (Jan Driver Remix)
18. Crowdpleaser – Nenekri (Mickey Moonlight Remix)
19. James Curd feat. Devin Byrnes – Open Up Your Mind
20. Rynecologist – ∆∆∆
21. Eats Everything – Entrance Song
22. Azari and III – Manic (Finger Prince ‘Static Situation’ Remix)
23. M. Taham – Blue
24. Bowski – Poppies
25. John Lennon – Whatever Gets You Through The Night


Cosmin TRG - Simulat (Album Promo Mix)

Cosmin TRG decided to make a spoiler of his album and made a promo mix with killing beep every 30 seconds) About tracks inside it - first - is very close to Lone's sounds - about next...stop! Press Play and decide it by yourself)


Tracklist CD:

01 Amor Y Otros 05:30
02 Ritmat 05:08
03 Infinite Helsinki 03:06
04 Want You To Be 05:22
05 Interstellar Inflight Entertainment 01:47
06 Fizic (CD ONLY!) 05:39
07 Star Motel 02:58
08 Less Of Me, More Of You 03:50
09 Osu Xen 04:11
10 Lillasyster 03:13
11 Samiska 01:25
12 Form Over Function 04:37 


A Week A Video - L-Vis 1990 - Lost In Love


This L-Vis 1990's track reminds be Breakbot. Totally) I think, guy from Ed Banger should think about his music, because from now he has big competitor) About video - here's few words from FACT Magazine: For the video, the London-based producer took to the desert-cityscape of Las Vegas with director, filming with 19 and 18-year-old boyfriend and girlfriend Chachi and Cindy, who they cast on arrival. The single comes backed with a remix from The Night Slugs Allstars (L-Vis 1990, Bok Bok, Jam City), an L-Vis remix and dub versions of both.

A Track A Day - SebastiAn - C.T.F.O. (Feat. M.I.A.) (DMX Krew Remix)

I think, this remix is better, than his whole album. Remix from Nero is out of room) Press Play and love it!

Das Glow & Para One - Pulsar / Freeze EP (preview)

New banger from Marble! Para One, Das Glow and three tracks from them (with one remix). We have direct speech, so read it and press Play!)
« Pulsar » is straightforward business : starting with commanding, crashing beats, the track is all about fresh shimmering chords and typical Para One-esque warm humanoid vocals. The beat gets busier and busier, just enough to transform this apparently pedestrian track into a peak-time, yet laidback monster. Craftsmanly-made futuristic boogie. « Freeze » is a sleazy and dirty tune based on a sluggish groove and goofy, noisy tricks going around the beat. The bass comes in to regulate things up but quickly gets troubled by the claustrophobic environment. A slow-burning, mock-horror house fantasy. Mysterious French producer Crackboy was asked to do a remix of « Pulsar ». The soundscape gets hazier and druggier than in the original. Crackboy disjointed the well-oiled structures and made them sick and evil, but still extremely proficient on the dancefloor, especially when this mad, freeflowing 303 line gets fired up. Really good old mental stuff here.

Cosmonaut Grechko - Dj-set @ Mishka Bar 24.08.11

Great, calm and perfect for hangover mix made Cosmonaut Grechko in Sankt-Peterburg, Russia...super tracklist - one thing - try not to fall asleep, when you listening to it). Press Play!

1. Stelvio Cipriani - le Cerbiatte
2. Carlos Lyra - Influenca Do Jazz
3. Lalo Schifrin - Middle Of The Night
4. Teruo Nakamura - Cat
5. Piero Piccioni - Easy Lovers
6. Gramatik - Chillaxin' By The Sea
7. Giant Panda - Cinemax [instrumental]
8. Vanilla - Away So Long
9. Bill Barron orchestra - Tonight
10. Luis Bacalov - Paraguana
11. Armando Trovaioli - L'Amore Dice Ciao
12. Sylvia Telles - The Face I Love
13. Gianni Oddi - Dreaming
14. The Crêpes - Love You All The Same
15. Pizzicato Five - The Girl From Ipanema
16. Piero Piccioni - Charleston A New Orleans
17. Coltemonikha - Fantastic Fantasy
18. Giant Panda - Same Old Shit [instrumental]
19. Stelvio Cipriani - Venture Flight 


Independence Day Post #1 - Studio Vruchtvlees Mixtape No. 8 by Bart B More

Ukraine is celebrating Independence Day today (20th, by the way)..I think, next mixtape could be a great soundtrack for this. Bart B More made this for one Dutch closing and design brand. Great tracklist - main thing of this mixtape. Press Play.

1. L-vis 1990 ft Schadz - Forever You
2. Classixx ft Jeppe - I’ll Get You
3. Together - Together
4. LA Riots - The Drop (Duke Dumont Thudding Like Elmer Remix)
5. Momma’s Boy - Bot Band Concerto
6. Big Boi - Shutterbug (Jack Beats ‘Dirty’ Remix)
7. Manaré - Blitzkrieg Riddim
8. Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine - Drop Acid (Kassiano Remix)
9. Pharrell ft Gwen Stefanie - Can I Have It Like That (Estaw Remix)
10. Bart B More - Romane (Rubix Remix)
11. Rob Threezy - Your Love
12. Homework - I Got One (You’re It)
13. Daft Punk - Phoenix
14. Pink Elephants - Unknown
15. Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand
16. Solo - Rawmania (Rubix Remix)
17. Wafa - Ewid Disco
18. Crookers ft Kelis - No Security (Bart B More Remix)
19. Thomas Bangalter - Spinal Scratch
20. DnD - Diamond Rings
21. Mc Flipside - In The Zone (Bart B More Dub)
22. Ettiene De Crecy - Binary (Disco of Doom Remix)
23. Mr Oizo - Positif (Mendoza Remix)
24. Zinc - Nexx
25. Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)
26. Canblaster - Jetpack
27. Harvard Bass - Pruno
28. Canblaster - Thunderdome Got Crunk
24. Zinc - Nexx
25. Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)
26. Canblaster - Jetpack 


A Week A Video - ZZT - Vulcan Alarm

On the last week saw great picture from "Y U NO" series on ZZT's Facebook page. There was "ZZT @ Y U NO RELEASE VULCAN ALARM?". I think, they have read it...so, we have video and release dates of single and (!) album...Album is without date, just mentioned, that it will be. Superflex is author of this video... press Play!)


SE62 - Kiev Underground Trax (MLIU08)

Totally unexpected release found on Soundcloud today! French label My Love Is Underground called its 8th release "Kiev Underground Trax". 3 tracks from Kyiv guy SE62 you can find here in the minimix. Great deep/classic house inside. Press Play!

A: Untitled
B1: I Will Never Forget My 730ED!
B2: Basement White Dances 


Riton - I Love The Future DJ Mix

Half of the best house duo of 2011, Carte Blanche, Riton is here with his new mix. Riton in the beginning, Riton in the end..and between these two Ritons half of new and old candies. It's Riton Time. Press Play!

Dark Place - Riton
Further - Lando Kal
Break Off - SBTRKT, Sampha
Charlotte - French Fries (Canblaster remix)
Walk 4 Me - Robbie Tronco
Paris Is Burning - Marble Players
ADDSUV- Uffie (Carte Blanche Remix)
Music Music Music - Bart B More
Dry - Style of Eye
Acid In My Soul (Loop) - Kink
Goodjob - Maxime Dangles
Ion - D.I.M.
Springer - Dr. Gonzo
I Get Ruff - Baobinga
Champion - Motherboard
Booty Jump - Wafa
Rio - MMM
Summer - TWR72
Wife Beater - 1st Born
On your Marks - R1 Ryders
Girly - High Powered Boys
ZZafrika - ZZT (Afrojack remix)
Sala - John Roman
Rattle Steak - Jan Driver
Get Loose - Funkin' Matt and Teki (Canblaster remix)
Bugle - Djedjotronic
Lotus - Mumbai Science
Go Go Go - Broke One
A.C.P. - Riton

TWR72 — Paradox EP (preview)

TWR72 are close to release their EP on Sound Pellegrino. Three banginag techno tunes with 4 editions of them. My favourite is Roger's version of "Simple". We have direct speech also: Organic and synthetic at the same time, “Paradox” succeeds in merging feminine soul vibes, tribal beats and european warehouse coldness in a totally new and fresh way.  My description doesn’t do it justice, do yourself a flavor, listen to the track and have a glimpse of what the top 40 will sound like in 20 years.Impulse” takes the tribal rainforest feel of “Paradox” and straightens it into a slightly acid mental bomb in pure TWR72 tradition, evoking the alarm siren of a drifting boat in the middle of a thunderstorm, conquering the hearts of technophiles one build up at a time. Then comes the diptych “Simple” which puts the focus back on good old Dancemania-infused jacking house. Each member of the duo provides his slightly different variation on the same theme, the difference lying primarily in the drums. Roger’s vision is hard and grimy whereas Tom’s appears a bit more dry and precise. Both mixes are undeniably groovy and hypnotizing.

A Week A Video - Lunice - And She Said


Sick! Sick EP is coming from Lunice, and here is video for you. "And She Said" with a great vocal sample and ton of swag inside of it. Taste it! Edited from original particle animations by Konx Om Pax (DIsplay Copy) & Lunice's Glow video by Adam Saewtiz.


A-Trak - Fool's Gold Radio - August 2011 Mix

We missed first mix of Fool's Gold radio, but can't do it everytime). A-Trak will make a mix for Fool's gold Radio...and two, that we can see are very tasty and with many good tracks inside...Here, in player, you can hear all two...and tracklist is for second. Tracklist of first is available on soundcloud and fool's gold website. C'mon!)

1. Kid Gloves "Music Power" (A-Trak Intro Edit) (Fool's Gold)
2. Kingdom feat. Naomi Allen "Take Me" (Fool's Gold)
3. Brenmar "You Make Me Say" (Discobelle)
4. HaHaHa "Dadun Dadun" (Tighten Up)
5. High Powered Boys "Crash" (Sound Pellegrino)
6. SebastiAn feat. M.I.A. "C.T.F.O." (DMX Krew Remix) (Ed Banger)
7. Friendly Fires "Hawaiian Air" (Seiji Remix) (XL)
8. Fake Blood "Deep Red" (Blood Music / Cheap Thrills)
9. 2 Bears "Bear Hug" (Greco-Roman)
10. Green Velvet & Russoul "Millie Vanillie" (Relief)
11. Neoteric & Wax Motif "Go Deep" (Southern Fried)
12. Alex Metric & Charli XCX "End Of The World" (TWR72 Remix) (Virgin)
13. Joey Negro & Z Factor "Keep On Jumpin" (Luigi Rocca Remix) (Z Records)
14. DJ Nibc "The Doorman" (Instrumental Edit) (Trunkfunk)
15. Luke Walker "Tough Love" (Attaque Remix) (Gung Ho)
16. The Dove "Girl At A Party With Siren" (Twin Turbo)
17. Duck Sauce "Big Bad Wolf" (Fool's Gold)
18. Azari & III "Manic" (Loose Lips)
19. Alex Gopher "Invasion" (Etienne De Crécy Edit) (Go4 Music)
20. Fifteenth "Tomorrow" (Fool's Gold)
21. Shake Aletti "Inside Out" (His Majesty Andre Remix) (Moda)
22. Joe Goddard "All I Know" (DFA) 


A Track A Day - The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love (Populette Remix)

I think, EP with remixes on this track will be the greatest EP with remixes of 2011. After shock from Wax Motif & Neoteric I didn't expect something better...but should, as I see now...10 minutes of epic music by Populette..and, of course, The Rapture) Press Play!

Volta Cab - Live at Latina Bar (28.05.2011)

Volta Cab is back on Ears My Ears, now - with his great mix, that bunch of people could hear at the Latina Bar couple of months ago. No tracklist, but can say, that it has inside great tracks from Vakula, Fudge Fingas, Anton Zap, Azari & III, Botox, Nacho Lovers, Twice, and, of course, from Volta Cab) Press Play and discover)


The Dove - Girl at a Party with Siren EP (Twin Turbo 001)

Tiga launches his "Twin Turbo", sub-label of his main business) And, guess, who will have a first night right to make release with #001 on it? Of course, Mr. St. Shoes, that's hiding under pseudo "The Dove" gives us track, that we all want. Big attention on Preacherman Version. Created for festivals, for sure) Press Play!


DJ Steve Martin - EARMILK.COM Non-Fat Urban Soundtrack (Episode 8)

Perfect for gray and rainy weather, nearly-hour mix is made by DJ Steve Martin from Earmilk.com team. They mixed up piece of jazz, hip-hop, dubstep and house...and we have delicious cake in the finish) Press Play button)

Daedelus - Order Of The Golden Dawn - Righteous Fists Of Harmony - Ninja Tune
Devonwho - AwNaw (nappy roots) - Pop Massacre 2 - FoF
Eskmo - The Melody - Eskmo - Ninja Tune
Kupa - Chango Island - Pairat EP - Nimbo Source
Jammer - Get It In - Jahmanji - Big Dada
Kahn - Helter Skelter - Like We Used To/Helter Skelter - Punch Drunk
Wiley - Boom Boom Da Na - 100% Publishing - Big Dada
Caspa - My Pet Monster - Floor Dem/My Pet Monster - Digital Soundboy
Jonwayne - Progstep - Bowser - Alphapup
Teki Latex & Orgasmic - Bassface - 12" - Sound Pellegrino
Nightwave - Feel - The Feel EP - Svetlana Industries
2562 - Escape Velocity - Unbalance - Tectonic
Thunderheist - Jerk It - Jerk It - Big Dada
Ghislian Poirier - Blazin' (dj c remix) - Blazin' - Ninja Tune
Osborne - Ruling (bogdan raczynski remix) - The Ghostly Remixes - Ghostly Int
Coldcut - Aid Dealer - Sound Mirrors - Ninja Tune
Funki Porcini - Robert Crumb;s Natural Gait - On - Ninja Tune
Animal Collective - Safer - Peacebone EP - Paw Tracks
Autechre - Vietrmx (plaid remix) - Warp Remixes - Warp
Yppah - Shutter Speed - Gumbal Machine Weekend EP - Ninja Tune
Taken By Trees - Only Yesterday - Open Field - Rough Trade
Reefer - Let It Go - Reefer - Alpha Pup


DJ Wool - Mix for Urb.com

Bunch of pool disco and old house vibes you'll find in this mix from DJ Wool from Berlin (born in Ireland)...This mix is too good to talk about it, so just press Play button)

1.Hope - Munchi
2.Slave - Random House Project
3.Up - Mario Basanov
4.Juicy Fruit (Calm Down Winter Bootleg) - Doctor Dru & Adana Twins
5.Jolene - Dolly Parton (DJ Wool Edit)
6.Big Boy (Wool's Organic Blend) - Cobra Krames
7.Wiggle It (Stereo. 77 Reconstruction) - 2 In A Room
8.You Take It (Moombahton Club Dub) - Dave Nada
9.Leave Your Mind - The Revenge
10. Point O - Trickski
11. Poolside - Do You Believe (Jacques Renault Remix)
12. Dayshift (Oliver's Nightshift Remix) - Juan Atkins
13. Black Guru - Allen Allen
14. Udon (Julio Bashmore Sax Dub) - High Powered Boys
15. 86 - Adam Port
16. Manic - Azari & III
17. Yeah - Original Mix - Artist Unknown
18 No Way Back (Greg Wilson Edit) - Adonis
19. Pacific 101 - 808 State
20. Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix) - Theo Parrish
21. Just Dyed in Your Arms - DJ Wool
22. Freak - Autoerotique
23. Wanna Be Dancin' (Nadastrom Dub) - The Glass


Jorge Saxon - Toros (Ears My Ears Guestmix)

First of many, I hope, guestmixes for Ears My Ears coming from Poland. Started in 90s as member of legendary polish funk/hip-hop group new Da Wont, Jorge Saxon keeps shining till today. Worked back to back with  Cmy, Buldog, Edyta Bartosiewicz, Kayah, Kasia Klich, Skinny Patrini, Marcin Wasilewski, Yaro, Galapagos Manufacture, Henry Marcini and many others. I think, that's all you need to know about this person (if you think in another way - check out tag "Jorge Saxon" below the post). Press Play and get funky)

1. Usted Del Fuego - Misa Criolla
2. Eloy - Time To Turn (Rayko Club Edit)
3. Herbie Hancock - Ready Or Not (Rayko Edit)
4. Taco - Puttin' On The Ritz (Peter Visti Edit)
5. Mighty Bop - Ride A Way
6. Ice Cube ft. George Clinton - Bop Gun (One Nation)
7. Tina Turner - I Can't Stand The Rain (Rayko Edit)
8. Grace Jones - Williams Blood (Cosmic Jam Remix)
9. Herb Alpert - Rotation (DJ Harri Edit)
10. 6th Borough Project - Do It To The Max
11. Femi Kuti - Sorry Sorry (Francois K's Old School Afro Dub)
12. Olde Scottish - Wildstyle (Krush Handshake)
13. Fudge Fingas - Gettin' Together
14. Yellow Power - Hai Samurai (Pilooski Edit) 


A Track A Day - Korona - Rhythm Of The Night (Lando Kal version)

This sick track is coming from Germany...I think, Lando Kal juiced from this track everything...no one could make better remix of this "Rhythm of The Night". You just must press Play!


Melé - Crazylegs Mix

Great more-than-hour compilation of old/new house/bass music coming from UK, made by Mele. I think, that's all about description). Simply and great. Press Play)

Maya Jane Coles - Little One
Tong & Spoon - Muchness (KiNK Remix)
Paris Underground Trax - GTFO
Nexus 21 - Self Hypnosis
Steve Silk Hurley - Jack Your Body
Melé - What's The 411
Jon Convex - Falling Again
System 7 - Space Bird (Dubfire Remix)
Mensah - Off The Traxx
Jam City - Barely A Trak
DHS - The House Of God (Melé Re-Edit)
Mescal Kid - Magic
Paris Underground Trax - Sexy Thing Remix
Outlander - Vamp
Melé - Starlight Express
Kanio - Mic Check
French Fries - What To Do 2011
Pearson Sound - Stifle
Blawan - Bohla
Chaos In The CBD - Trying To Get A Dub (French Fries & Bambounou Remix)
Amy Winehouse - Fuck Me Pumps (MJ Cole Remix)
Youngstar - Formula 2
Checan & Ross Orton - Difference
A1 Bassline - Falsehood
Mariah Carey - Oh Boy (Agent X Remix)
Joe - Claptrap
R1 Ryders - Basswave
JME & Plastician - Shut Up And Dance
Hindzy D - Target
Wiley - Eskimo
Africa Hitech - Caveman Style
Hudson Mohawke - Fuse
Melé - Raider
Joey Beltram - It's Cool
Riton - ACP
Benga & Coki - Night (Geeneus Remix)
Bambounou - Alpha
L-vis 1990 - Lost In Love (Neon Dreams Club Mix)
Ma1 - High Definition 


Dummy Mix 84 - Brenmar

Sorry for the week without posts...Ears My Ears are comin' back. With this megacandy for the sunny day, coming from Brenmar! His mix for Dummy Magazine...and you, of course, should read his interview for them here. Tracklist is below, press Play!)

Electrik Red – So Good
Total – What About Us? feat. Missy Elliot (Remix)
Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl
Bobby Valentino – Slow Down
Mario – Let Me Love you
Mya – Fallen
Mariah Carey – It’s Like That feat. Fat Joe (Remix)
Jennifer Lopez – Love Don’t Cost A Thing (Badboy Remix)
Marques Houston – That Girl
Nivea – Don’t Mess With My Man feat. Jagged Edge
Montell Jordan – Let’s Ride feat. Master P & Silk The Shocker
Janet Jackson – I Get So Lonely feat. Blackstreet (Remix)
Omarion – Icebox
Keke Wyat – Nothing In This World feat. Avant
Cherish – Stop Calling Me
R. Kelly – The Zoo


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