MP3 Warehouse: Room 3 - Dublin Aunts, One Man Ben, Cosmo Black, Treasure Fingers, Darius and more...

So, as I said, all, that I missed from the first day of this year.

1. ABC - King Without A Crown (The Mendelsohn Mix)

Great edit of classic ABC's song, that was in the last Blank & Jones' compilation with 80s tracks. Loving it.

2. Beat and Bang - Hunger (zombies ate Ado's lunch....gutted mix)

Sounds, like track from BNR, but it's not.) Belgium project presents to us Belgium techno sound.

3. Dirty Laundry - Mexico (Dublin Aunts Remix)

I am a fan of Dublin Aunts after their remix of Paris Wells. This is definitely not worse.

Mexico (Dublin Aunts Remix) by Dirty Laundry

4. Gorillas On Drums - Hold Your Breath (Original Mix)

Great track of One Man Ben's sideproject. It's now very hard, I think, made good electro. They can.

5. Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)

Of course, it's The Magician here. Track, which piano line is banging in my head 4 days already.

6. John Steel Singers - Overpass (Cosmo Black Remix)

Great...ehhm...indie-lounge remix from Cosmo Black. Much better, than original version for me.

7. The Knocks - Dancing With The DJ ('96 Bulls Remix)

One more remix from '96 Bulls. One of my favourite projects.

8. Treasure Fingers - Lift Me (Gabriell Remix)

All remixes on Treasure Fingers, I think, sounds like their originals...but with another samples). So, if you like it - you know, what to do. 

9. 28 Octobre - L'amour Mécanique (Darius Remix)

And last for today will be remix from great producer from Paris with nickname almost like my name. Made yesterday. Still hot.

28 Octobre - L'amour Mécanique (Darius Remix) by Darius (official)

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