Love BNR for their previews...I can make plan for my monthly music budget because of them) Three great snippets of 56th release of this label. Alex Ridha, Housemeister...and their great techno...what more do you want?)

BNR about this release: " “Shizzo” is the track you´d probably expect from these 2 f*ckers:
loud, noizy and stupid! It’s up and down parts shake the club like you were sitting in a rollercoaster – beware this is not for everyone.

“nBaxx” is a new breakbeat track. breakbeat ? yeah! With a hint of inspiration by LFO “Freak”, this one comes quite minimal but hard, just the way these buddies like it.
“Saturday” the secret A side on this Maxi is a Disco-Tech track, with moving arpeggios and big melodic break where spheric disco pads cool you down before you and the kids jump up to this piece of 2011 disco music.
Play out LOUD!"

You can pre-listen it here


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