Drop Out Orchestra - February Mix Session 2011

2 hours and 24 tracks only? I think, now mix like this, only they could do. Drop Out Orchestra - one of my favourite projects of 2011. Keep on, guys.

DOO about mix: It's mix session time again. This is what the orchestra is all about - high and low, new and old, slow and fast. This is the music we love - in February 2011. 

01. Modern Folk Uclusu ft Aysegul Aldinc - Donme Dolap (Baris K Edit)
02. Cortex - The Freaks (Drop Out Orchestra Rework // Club Cut)
03. Drop Out Orchestra - Release Myself (Beatfanatic Remix)
04. Martin Brodin - Badabing (diskJokke Remix)
05. Drop Out Orchestra - West Gothic Climax (Dana Bergquist Remix)
06. Cool Million ft Leroy Burgess - Cool Million (Ilija Rudman Dub)
07. Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
08. Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant (Drop Out Orchestra Rework // Special Edit)
09. Loose Joints - Tell You (Today)
10. Bileo - You Can Win (Drop Out Orchestra Edit)
11. Beatfanatic - Goin Out (Drop Out Orchestra Whiskey Rework)
12. Casual Encounters - Million Dollar Smile
13. Vicky "D" - This Beat Is Mine
14. The Whispers - And it Goes (Munga Crackhead Mix)
15. Escort - Cocaine Blues (Greg Wilson Edit)
16. Mobroder - Rush (Nile Delta Remix)
17. Cosmonauts - Disco Biscuit (Lou Teti's American Variation)
18. Dimitri From Tokyo aka Dimitri From Paris - Eberything I Touch Tulns To Gord
19. Visual - Somehow Someway
20. Lou Teti - Get Away (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
21. Alexander Holland - City Full of Lights
22. Teddy Pendergrass - You Can't Hide From Yourself (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend)
23. Martin Brodin vs Giorgio Moroder - The Chase 2011 (MB Dubbed Out)
24. Indochine - Kao Bang (Drop Out Orchestra Edit)

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