Munk Hits & Remix Tape

New mixtape from Gomma, where every track is connected with Munk. Of course, it's made, because of, new Munk's release, called "The Bird and The Beat". Mixtape is longer, that album, so more-than-hour of Munk - if you think, that you will endure it - you are welcome)

1) Munk: Violent Love / The Twelves Rmx
2) Munk: Keep My Secret *
3) Munk: La Musica *
4) Munk: Mis Labios / Joyce Muniz Rmx
5) Munk: Rue de Rome*
6) Munk: Down in L.A. / Shazam Version
7) The Phenomenal Handclap Band: You’ll Disappear / Munk Rmx
8) Yeasayer: Madder Red / Munk Rmx
9) Etienne de Crecy: No Brain / Munk Rmx
10) 80Kidz feat. Lovefoxx of CSS: Spoiled Boy / Munk Rmx
11) Bottin: Discocracy / Munk Rmx
12) Glimmers: Whomp That Sukker / Munk Rmx
13) DJ Kaos: Secret Jolly Jam / Munk Rmx
14) The Heels of Love: Slave / Munk Rmx
15) Moullinex: Superman / Munk Rmx
16) Nasser: Come on / Munk Rmx
17) Ellen Allien: Dust / Munk Rmx
18) Munk: The Knights of Heliopolis°
19) Munk: Kick Out The Chairs! / WMW Version°

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