Alpha Boy - Douce Folie EP (preview)

Alpha Boy is again on Ears My Ears. Now there is a huge reason, because he made the EP few days ago, called Douce Folie, full of synth vibes. Highly recommended to download on iTunes!
Here is little dircet speech from Norman Knight exclusively for Ears My Ears readers:
The whole EP was composed and mastered in 3 months. It was a great time becuase I was very relaxed and at the same time very deep concentrated. At this time I had a very good workflow. I was from so many thing inspired like 80's movies, music from Phil Collins and Modern Talking (I love the sound of Modern Talking). I took the name "Douce Folie - EP" because at the moment of my first release (The Return Of 1986) feels everything like sweet madness. Its a good feeling and this is good for my music.

Here is teaser of whole release.

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