Turbo 099 | Gesaffelstein - Conspiracy Pt.1

New EP from one my favorite labels and one of my favorite Frenchmen. You all should know "Hatred" from Tiga's mix. Now - two more trax - "Aufstand"(sounds like "Variations") and "The Lack Of Hope" - minimalistic sound...perfect for the end of the party.

Direct speech from Turbo: Gesaffelstein's 'Variations' EP set an all-time record for feedback at Turbo. For a new artist to attract that kind of attention from such a broad cross-section of DJs is extremely special and a clear sign that he's tapped in to something very, very big. To the younger generation of clubbers and DJs for whom the funtastic era of 2001-2003 revivalism was a missed experience, Gesaffelstein represents a double-breasted jacket of nostalgia for everything from the power of Industrial and 80s New Wave to the Gigolo-glam of early Kittin & the Hacker, Steril, Vitalic, Fixmer, and yes, Tiga. We have no hesitation in declaring that he has single-handedly updated an entire genre, sharpened the edges, and notably traded in the camp and pastiche that made Electroclash a dirty word for a refined and stylish simplicity. The breakdowns are massive and very French, but never out of order. These are futuristic party bombs which skillfully draw from our favourite dance music of the last 30 years... and add more cowbell!

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