Boy 8-Bit - May 2011 Mix

Just yesterday had a conversation with my friend about silence from Boy 8-Bit (of course, not all, but there was a question))...and here - in my face - his mix in the last day of May...with incredible playlist...some new stuff from Roy Apron is in too...Less words - more music - Press Play!) 

Direct speech from Boy 8-Bit himself: 
Right, So here is my new mix.. In the month of May. Bit of a Frankensteins monster really. Part promo mix for the new material that then extended into a "club" style mix of some of the bigger "electro" tunes I have been playing out to good response (Bashmore, Sexx, Candy Apple, Noob..) Then I decide to add some new bits that were perhaps a bit warm up (Heavy Baby, Dagobah), then some warm down.. Then I wanted to highlight some of the tunes I liked last year that I haven't really heard anyone play out that much (The Ace, Jaana)..Stripped stuff (Jeri Call, Dapayak Solo).... Oh and then I decided I wanted to add a bit of the heavier techno sound I have been into lately (Tommy Four Seven etc ), but alas I'm too frightened to play out that often!! Then I wanted to put in some UK funky / "Bass" music.. All tied together with some other bits and bobs!Anyway, here it is in its 1hr 45min, loosely stitched, err glory.. 

Joanna Knutson - Heavy Baby (James Creed)
Les Gillettes - Carl Lewis (MVSEVM Remix)
DJ Simi - Dagobah (Rodriguez Jnr Remix)
Trentemoller - Shades Of Marble (Kink Remix)
Julio Bashmore - Umbongo's Revenge
Boy 8-Bit - Fire Extinguisher
Noob - Wild
Style of Eye - Sexx
Jaegerverb - Candy Apple
Rodriguez Jnr + Alex Kidd - Jeri Call
mKaiser DIsco - Jaana
Julian Jewiel - Polaroid (Sebastien Leger REmix)
Dapayk Solo - Lichtpille
Boy 8-Bit - Black Satanic Mysticism
Boy 8-Bit - House on hill
Boy 8-Bit - Madrigal
Fis- T - Night Hunter
Platinum - Signals (Champion Remix )
Wiley - Numbers in Action (Toddska Remix)
Mr Tickle - Predator ( Kicks and Snares)
Roy Apron - Streatham Club 01A
Yes Wizard - Elephant and Castle - (Duke Dumont Remix)
Johannes Heil - The Ace
Roland M. Dill - Toris Moon
Boy 8-Bit - Phase IV
Rocco Caine - Batch
Mike Denhert - Frame Work
Tommy Four Seven - Armed 3
Sawf - Keel
Pfirter - Mi Estudio
Boy 8-Bit - No Time (Demo)



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