Classic Thing #2 - Jean Nipon & DJ Orgasmic – Eurogirls EP

I decided to come back to my series of classic releases, that are great, but not very popular now...after Gang Bang DJs here for you - Jean Ai Nipon & DJ Orgasmic...and 16 girls with them) C'mon! You gonna love it) 

A1 Alice
A2 Virginie
A3 Lucie
A4 Cécile
B1 Vanessa
B2 Stéphanie
B3 Sarah
B4 Magalie
B5 Carole
C1 Laura
C2 Tania
C3 Julie
C4 Marie-France
D1 Aurélie
D2 Fanny
D3 Christelle
D4 Sophie
D5 Laetitia

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