FACT mix 260: Laurel Halo

FACT presents woman's mix, from Laurel Halo. It's always very interesting to hear what's women's view of electronic music(at least, for me). This mix is full of techno from oldschool vibes to new grooves...and, of course, a little of Laurel too) Press Play. 

Intro (DM Dream Syndicate)
Mira Calix – Too Slim For Suicide
Laurel Halo – Dia Sapiens
Dopplereffekt – Pornoviewer (Aleph Mix)
69 – If Mojo Was AM
Jeru the Damaja – Scientifical Madness Loop
Shed – HDRTM
Palm Skin Productions – Evolution of the Beast (Autechre Mix)
Chemical Brothers – Chalice (Virtual Crime Mix)
Sleep ∞ Over – Behind Closed Doors
Two Lone Swordsmen – Tiny Reminder #3
VHS Head – Ident
Ezekiel Honig – Material Wrinkle (Retimeless Mix)
Eric Copeland – Krankendudel (ABA Mix)
Ford & Lopatin – New Planet
Araabmuzik – AT2
Laurel Halo – Slugs 

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