Polymath - Summer Mixtape

He wants you to listen this all three months) I don't know about three months, but, definitely, for three days it will be real good...about tracklist...he wrote - comin' soon, so I will update it as soon as possible...what you should expect? - some classic house beats, some new classic house beats and a little bit of techno and nu-disco) C'mon!


Updated tracklist:
Munk // La Musica (Dj Steef bootleg)
Tiger & Woods // Kissmetellme
TWR 72 // Summer
Oui'wack // Boobytrap
Polymath // Thangra
NT89 // Wayne
Jay Robinson // Get mad now (Peo de pitte remix)
Dr Gonzo // Carcola (Planisfear remix)
Beataucue // H.O.W.L
Dj Sneak & Monoman // Sally go round (Azari & III Instrumental)
The Visionaires vs The Human league // Love action
Polymath // Curve
Jagerverb // Candy apple
Diplo & Douster // On!
Carte Blanche feat Alexis Taylor // With you
D.I.M & TAI // Ion
MiSK // Lady junk
Discopolis // Summer nightmares (Polymath remix) 

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