Das Glow & Para One - Pulsar / Freeze EP (preview)

New banger from Marble! Para One, Das Glow and three tracks from them (with one remix). We have direct speech, so read it and press Play!)
« Pulsar » is straightforward business : starting with commanding, crashing beats, the track is all about fresh shimmering chords and typical Para One-esque warm humanoid vocals. The beat gets busier and busier, just enough to transform this apparently pedestrian track into a peak-time, yet laidback monster. Craftsmanly-made futuristic boogie. « Freeze » is a sleazy and dirty tune based on a sluggish groove and goofy, noisy tricks going around the beat. The bass comes in to regulate things up but quickly gets troubled by the claustrophobic environment. A slow-burning, mock-horror house fantasy. Mysterious French producer Crackboy was asked to do a remix of « Pulsar ». The soundscape gets hazier and druggier than in the original. Crackboy disjointed the well-oiled structures and made them sick and evil, but still extremely proficient on the dancefloor, especially when this mad, freeflowing 303 line gets fired up. Really good old mental stuff here.

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