TWR72 — Paradox EP (preview)

TWR72 are close to release their EP on Sound Pellegrino. Three banginag techno tunes with 4 editions of them. My favourite is Roger's version of "Simple". We have direct speech also: Organic and synthetic at the same time, “Paradox” succeeds in merging feminine soul vibes, tribal beats and european warehouse coldness in a totally new and fresh way.  My description doesn’t do it justice, do yourself a flavor, listen to the track and have a glimpse of what the top 40 will sound like in 20 years.Impulse” takes the tribal rainforest feel of “Paradox” and straightens it into a slightly acid mental bomb in pure TWR72 tradition, evoking the alarm siren of a drifting boat in the middle of a thunderstorm, conquering the hearts of technophiles one build up at a time. Then comes the diptych “Simple” which puts the focus back on good old Dancemania-infused jacking house. Each member of the duo provides his slightly different variation on the same theme, the difference lying primarily in the drums. Roger’s vision is hard and grimy whereas Tom’s appears a bit more dry and precise. Both mixes are undeniably groovy and hypnotizing.

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