MaddJazz - The Good Ole Days (Classics Mix)

Get ready for an hour of good old tunes. Classic house, synth pop and old another genres, you use to love from 80s. C'mon, press Play! And direct speech, if you want: This mix is a compilation of songs that I grew up on back when I used to buy alot of "Hotmix" mixtapes literally on cassette tapes. Even before i began to DJ I would go to the record store for these purchases and eventually began buying some of the records that I would hear in some of these mixes. The songs in this compilation reflect these years and represent the years of my youth growing up in the South side of Chicago. Many people outside of Chicago don't know this but a lot of these songs go as deep to representing Chicago Gang "culture" in a weird way that only people who are raised around it would understand. Growing up Gangs were everywhere, at school, my neighborhood, the mall. But I always knew i was better than that and was able to surpass through that obstacle. But nether the less this mix is dedicated to anyone who grew up in Chicago during the 80s and 90s.

1. MaddJazz - Chicago Style Intro
2. Pierre's Pfantasy Club - Fantasy Girl
3. Joe Smooth - The Promised Land
4. Ris - Love-N-Music
5. Lime - Angel Eyes
6. The Flirts - Calling All Boys
7. My Mine - Hypnotic Tango
8. Alisha - All Night Passion
9. Gazuzu - Go Go Gorilla
10. Lorraine McKane - Let The Night Take The Blame
11. Made In Italy - Made In Italy
12. S'Express - Theme From S-Express
13. Capricorn - I Need Love
14. Rockers Revenge - The Harder They Come
15. B. Blase - Shame
16. Human League - Don't You Want Me
17. Shannon - Give Me Tonight
18. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
19. Freez - I.O.U.
20. Alexander Robotnick - Problems D'amour
21. Fun Fun - Happy Station
22. Taffy - Midnight Radio
23. Peter Brown - Love Is Just A Game
24. Patricia Harris - Heaven Is
25. John Rocca - I Want It To Be Real
26. John Rocca - Once Upon A Time
27. Mya & The Mirror - Hesitation
28. Fun Fun - Colour My Love 

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