SCNTST - Monday EP (preview)

He's only 17, but, damn, he's good. Youngest on Boysnoize Records, Munich producer SCNTST with his amazing sounds and 5 tracks inside his new release. Some free speech from BNR: "Monday" is a tooly tech monster, its toms and clever percussive sounds make it a non-obvious rocker, easy to play at any time, very effective. "Beachboy" consolidates the suspicion, that his sounding is more than just new techno or house, it's futuristic, new funky German juke. Of all the potential lying in SCNTST’s style miscellany, there's nothing that quite tops "Globus" for technoic articulation. It has a sharply defined, techy groove — simple, almost subliminal bassline fill and bright sample cuttings. Once it's speed up the drop out claims most of the mix's attention, leaving ravers time to breath and feel the tension. The last track of the EP "909 Time" is inspired by his heroes Lone and Legowelt. The Roland TR 909 as the main drum machine and a different approach to the powerful melody, SCNTST’s version is the playful dream version of its inspirational source. As a digital bonus you get "Stracia", modern techno with an army of flutes sounding off the grid


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