Boys Noize - Sessions Pt. 1

Boys Noize on 500 copies of vinyl? It's already interesting. And, after, you'll listen it, you'll know more. It sounds perfect for vinyl player and 500copies-limit just will make it more expensive...but there is no cheat...these previews sound just mega...direct speech from SoundCloud: The first track on A side named 'Buuurg' sounds like hoovering worms, getting lost in the shuffle. Pitched and repeatingly coming up and down the tune but the real feature on this track is tHE big Kik-Drum, bigger then on all your other tracks ;) good to pump your brains out. You won't forget this. It's quite a lot to handle, but it's also difficult to deny. On the flip 'Pur'- a pure tempo pounder, underscore the point of taking things 'reserved', somehow minimal, but still showing us Boys Noize at his most explicitly techno side. The bursting laserbeam as a basic parameter carrying the track and won't turn off again for over six minutes.


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